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How do I register as a candidate with prosperIS?

You can create your own account on this website. We will then alert you when we have a job that could be right for you. You will be in charge of telling us about the type of roles you want to hear about and how often. You can also change these settings at any time. 

Alternatively, just send us your CV

What will happen with my CV once it has been registered with prosperIS?

Once registered, your CV will be stored on our database and considered for roles with our customers as they arise. We partner with a world-class recruitment software company called Firefish to securely store your Data. Your CV will not be submitted to our customers unless prior authorisation is gained from you as a candidate. Your CV will be treated with the utmost privacy with no details to be shared with Third parties unless agreed by you (see also our ‘Privacy Policy’).

What obligations do I have to prosperIS once I have registered my CV?

You will have no obligation to prosperIS once you are registered as a candidate. You are free to pursue alternative avenues to find your next opportunity/job.

Are there any rules about the layout and content of my CV?

There are no steadfast rules for CV layout and content but we have some great CV writing tips on our website. 

What is the cost of working with prosperIS to find a new job?

There is no cost to you as a candidate to use the services of prosperIS. We will act on your behalf in trying to find suitable and challenging roles to match your personal requirements. 

What can I expect from prosperIS if I do pursue a position with one of your customers?

Firstly, you can expect a professional and efficient approach. Too many agencies fail their candidates in terms of communication and feedback – we will not.

prosperIS are fully committed to supporting our candidates throughout the recruitment process. We will provide full details about the role, organisation, working environment and career prospects. We will attain your permission before presenting your CV to any customer. We will provide a unique interview pack before an interview to ensure you are fully prepared as well as briefing you on the interviewer's interview style and approach. We will work with you throughout the offer (and counter-offer) process and we even have a standard resignation pack which can guide you through the process of handing in your notice. Finally, we will support and assess you once working with our customers to ensure customer and candidate satisfaction.

I forgot my password. What should I do now?

You can retrieve your password from our system, using the 'Forgot Password' link from the 'Log In' page.

What are Job Alerts?

Whilst you are more than welcome to review the opportunities available through prosperIS at your own convenience, by signing up to the ‘Job Alerts’ service we will contact you when new positions arise that closely match with your search criteria as outlined in your Candidate Registration profile. (There are no costs to this service and you can cancel your subscription to it if you are no longer searching). 

What are the benefits of the Job Alerts function?

By being the first to hear about roles available through prosperIS you can gain an advantage within a competitive marketplace.

I would like to change my CV details, is this possible?

Of course. You can change the CV details within your account. Alternatively, just contact us by email. 

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