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Why should I work with prosperIS? 

Put simply - we save Clients time and money! We act as your recruitment partner allowing you to concentrate on the things that you do best; running your company or Division.  We save you time as we will only present the best candidates that match your vacancy. We save you money because we only charge a fee if we are successful. 

How do I register as an 'Employer' or 'Customer' with prosperIS?

You can submit a Vacancy here ►. This is the first step towards working with prosperIS Recruitment and one of the team will be in touch to discuss the role and provide you with some information about our fee structure. Alternatively please feel free to get in touch.

Is there a registration fee involved in registering with prosperIS?

No. Registering with prosperIS is free of charge and fees will only be charged if we successfully find suitable candidates for your roles and that person starts working with your organisation. Essentially we operate a ‘no placement - no fee’ service.

Is there a refund or guarantee attached to the fee? 

Yes - we offer a standard pro-rata 10 week pro-rata refund guarantee. It doesn't happen very often but if a candidate was to leave your employment in this time then you will receive a refund (certain terms apply).

What factors may have an effect on the fees and services offered?

Various factors may affect the fees and services offered, some of which are outlined below:

  • Working on an exclusive basis - should you agree to a period of exclusivity before releasing positions to other agencies (5-10 working days would be usual) we can offer reductions in the costs and fees of our service. 

  • Bulk business - put simply, should you frequently search for additional staff, prosperIS can offer reduced fees as we will know that we will have access to a greater number of requirements. Both situations above mean that we can better plan and organise our resources by understanding the relative opportunity for a better outcome.   

  • Level of role/seniority - for certain positions, we feel that we can find suitable candidates easier. Should we believe that the search for candidates will be less difficult, prosperIS might be able to lower our fees. 

What is the cost of working with prosperIS?

We feel that the cost of our service is highly competitive compared to our competition in the market. You will only receive an invoice if we are successful in finding a candidate for you and he/she starts working with your organisation. 

Please feel free to contact us to discuss our terms of business.

If I register a vacancy with prosperIS, how quickly can I expect to receive suitable profiles/CV’s?

This will depend on the nature of the role but we would expect to present suitable candidates within 2-3 working days from taking the role. Clearly, should the role be more niche in its nature then this may not be possible.

How will you present CVs?

Every CV that you receive from prosperIS shall be presented with our unique cover sheer that will detail why we think this candidate is suitable for the role. We will also detail some basic information about the Candidate in an easy-to-read format. This will be the candidate's location, possible commuting time to your office, current salary, salary aspirations, nationality or Visa status and notice period in his / her current role. We will then provide a core summary of the candidate's skills and some further information about the candidate such as why he or she is looking for work and their interview status elsewhere.  

If I register a position with prosperIS, how many CVs can I expect to receive?

prosperIS firmly believe that agencies should understand the needs of an organisation and not merely forward any CV’s that seem a close match. Having spoken with the candidates to understand and assess their suitability to the required skills, we will select only two or three CVs to be presented to our customers. The only exception would be if a customer specifically requests more CVs for comparison.


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