Use our video interviewing platform to improve your interview to hire ratio by 70%*

Many recruitment studies have shown that most hiring managers know if a candidate is unsuitable at a very early stage during an interview. Therefore, we think you would be able to make better recruitment decisions if you could watch a pre-recorded video interview with a candidate rather than simply reading a CV.

This is why prosperIS has invested in a fantastic new video interview platform that allows us to present recorded video interviews of our candidates. This can be either a recording of an interview with prosperIS or what we call a ‘Solo Interview’ -  a recording of our candidate answering pre-set questions (you can even set the questions you wish our candidates to answer when you discuss your job brief with prosperIS).

This is all provided via a unique, hyper-secure client-branded portal ► that only you will have access to. You can watch the interviews at a time that is convenient for you, provide feedback to us via the portal, and even video interview the candidates yourself within the portal if you wish.

We have made this investment as we believe this will enable our clients to make more informed decisions during the early stages of the recruitment process. All of this means you’d be saving time and money as you’d only be interviewing the very best candidates for your vacancies.

We believe that the advantages of this platform don’t end there – we can use this new technology to reach out to passive job-seekers – these will be the type of candidates who won’t be responding to job adverts or within recruitment companies’ databases!

In fact, we believe the use of this cutting-edge technology has many advantages – please feel free to get in touch with Ieuan or Adrian to learn more.

*source: Odro, 2024

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