Use our unique Talent Dashboards to make your recruitment life easier

One of the advantages of working with prosperIS is you will have access to a unique Client-branded Talent Dashboard for each vacancy we work together on – this enables us to present everything that you may need in one place. You’ll be able to view CVs, introductory videos, cover notes, portfolios, LinkedIn profiles and any other supporting documents; making it easy for you to review candidates professionally and efficiently.  

Our Talent Dashboards are designed for you to share access with colleagues, so within the portal, you’ll be able to make notes, view colleagues’ feedback, request interviews, and provide feedback directly to Ieuan or Adrian at prosperIS. No more forwarding emails to colleagues, waiting for replies or chasing up colleagues for their feedback.

Provided with one simple internet link the Portal is extremely easy to use and you will not need to download or install any extra software. The portal will be hyper-secure and password protected and each portal will be unique to you and your vacancy;  you’ll even be able to see a brief introductory video from Ieuan or Adrian which will explain how it works.  

We think that by keeping everything in one place we can help you manage the Candidate review process more efficiently – saving you time and money during the recruitment process.  

Our cutting-edge use of recruitment technology doesn’t end there. We can also provide pre-recorded video interviews of our candidates and you can learn more about this here ►.

Get in touch ► with Ieuan or Adrian now to learn how prosperIS Recruitment’s Talent Dashboards can help make your recruitment easier.

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